Our Spring Fundraiser is Here!

50% of proceeds go directly to the artist, who is a "customer" of the Toiletry Free Store.

Read below for the incredible heart-warming details. 

The Back Story

One of the great joys of working the Toiletry Free Store is getting to know some of our repeat customers. With his permission, we're sharing Joel's story.


In December 2021, one of our very generous donors, sent us a big batch of $50 Target gift cards to distribute to our customers at our extra-special Christmas event. Greg Owen-Boger, Turpin Cares Executive Director, was in charge of handing them out first come, first served.

Joel was one of the lucky ones who'd gotten in line early that day. He was overwhelmed by receiving this gift. Greg remembers Joel tearing up and saying something to the effect of "No one has ever done something so kind for me... A complete stranger...?"


Two Weeks Later... 

Two weeks later at the next Free Store event, Joel approached Greg with a gift. As a thank-you, he had painted these daffodils for him. At that point, it was Greg who had to choke back the tears.


He showed the art to some of our volunteers and board members. An idea emerged. Why not get Joel's permission to turn this painting into a greeting card? Better yet, how about turning this into a fundraiser where we share the profit with Joel?!

50% of the proceeds from these cards will go directly to him.


And here is where the story gets even better.

Sal Campbell from the Beverly Area Arts Alliance met with Joel to see some of his other art. She was so impressed that she coordinated a one-day exhibit at The Bloom Bar 9909 S. Walden Parkway! The exhibit was held April 16. Between the sale of Joel's art and the greeting cards, we were able to generate six months of living expenses for him!