About Us

Turpin Cares was founded by Olive Rogers and Greg Owen-Boger, friends and neighbors in the Beverly neighborhood in Chicago. They both knit, and they had heard about knitters handing out hats and scarves to people who needed them over the Christmas holiday. So they decided to get busy knitting. That was in 2014.

The following year, they added non-perishable food to the packages. These are the same types of care packages we continue to create and distribute quarterly today.

The small holiday project grew into a year-round ongoing project. In 2019, Turpin Cares became an official non-profit. 

The name Turpin Cares comes from Turpin Communication, which originally funded the project. Turpin Communication is co-owned by Greg and Dale Ludwig, who serves as board president.

Board Members

Dale Ludwig, President

Lucy Gaillard, Secretary

Treasurer (vacant)

Olive Rogers, Director of Events

Volunteer Staff

Greg Owen-Boger, Executive Director

Danielle Rogers, Associate Director

Kevin Vogelsang, Bookkeeper

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